Who We Are

Photograph of Windsor and Nick

Windsor Schmidt, Nick Bletsch – Co-founders

Bossa is a California based designer and manufacturer of loudspeakers. We strive to create thoughtful, original products that are easy to live with and inspire passion for music.

At Bossa, sound quality comes first. With nearly 100 years of combined engineering experience, our development team employs sophisticated design techniques based on current psycho-acoustic research. Special attention is paid to the reduction of resonances and the radiation pattern of our designs. This best-practice approach yields an exceedingly natural sound uncommon among boutique manufacturers.

Our speakers are hand assembled in California using a large proportion of locally sourced components. Our speaker cabinets, legs, circuit boards and packaging materials are all manufactured locally. Additionally, we use sustainably sourced American hardwoods and reclaimed Teak from the yacht building industry.

Photograph of Pat

Pat McGuire – Electrical Engineer